About the festival

Walk the Line is a two day music festival which takes place every year at various venues in Cheltenham, UK during October. The first one took place in 2009. The sixth annual festival will take place on Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th October 2014.

You can either purchase tickets for individual shows or purchase tickets for the whole weekend, which allow entry to all shows. Buy your tickets now!

Walk the Line Festival has been nominated for several years as a contender for the Best Metropolitan Festival Award by the UK Festivals Awards. The award is for “using the existing infrastructure of a town’s venues, this sector is growing thanks to no need for camping, very little threat from the weather and the ability to take place at any time of the year. Sold either on a show-by-show basis, or an all encompassing wristband, they give people chance to see multiple acts in the comfort of the indoors.”

This festival is organised by Tribe Festivals Ltd, who are also responsible for Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Comedy Festival and run a multitude of other events such as Mega Roller Disco, Cinema screenings and a booking agency.

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