Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hitchhikers of the Galaxy playing at Walk the Line 2010

A virtual re-usable collaborative band project the Hitchhikers of the Galaxy perform live on stage with computer, projector and invited live performers. Virtual singers/performers are projected to a screen/wall, they are lips-synced to the music and interact with the audience and other real performers live on stage, like real persons.

Based in London, USA, Italy, Africa and many other places in the world, Hitchhikers of the Galaxy's musicians compose, record and produce tracks when they meet together, as they are a group of good friends or via-internet more likely. To be able to play live their songs, they invented this virtual re-usable system, that brings a fantastic experimental avant-garde appeal to their easy pop music concerts, plus a bunch of hilarious situations that audiences have been enjoying so far.

Hitchhikers of the Galaxy will be playing on Saturday 2nd October at Walk the Line Festival.

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