Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Lone Groover

Named after the anti-hero of a comic strip that graced the weekly music inkies of the1970s…….. THE LONE GROOVER is a one man and guitar outfit who channels his love of folk, punk and Americana into classic songs of beauty, protest and passion – agit-FOLK ‘N’ BOP if you will - Songs that betray a fine eye for detail, a healthy respect for tradition, and a working knowledge of REAL LIFE!!! Always putting he(art) and soul into his performances, armed with his trusty Gibson, fuelled with good vibes, talkin’ jive and sporting sharp clobber, TLG is a definite “one to watch”. The London based songwriter has spent recent months folk ‘n’ bopping his way across the capital in venues such as The Hope & Anchor, The 12 Bar and the Windmill, played at a number of festivals such as Strummerville and had prestigious support slots with Willy Mason, Alabama 3 and Beans on Toast amongst others. He also recently won an award for “Best EP of the year” by the rock-til-you-drop website network...But let’s leave the last words to ‘el Groover himself……… “let’s be clear…..I’m not a solo artist, I’m a one man group…..there’s a subtle difference….I wanna walk like The Clash and sound like Bob Dylan”. Folk music for City dwellers!

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