Tuesday, 20 August 2013

David Ford set to play Walk the Line Festival

We are delighted to announce the return of David Ford as our Saturday headliner at this year's festival.

Any attempts at modern comparisons don't quite get to the heart of David Ford. To find his actual peers you have to go back to some of the great curveball mavericks of melody, romance and inventiveness. Artists such as Tom Waits, Neil Young, Randy Newman and (early) Elton John, whose memorable melodies are frequently offset by powerful and poignant lyrics.

In September 2011 David Ford found himself many studio releases and one live album into his solo career and yet despite having number one slots on iTunes, 5 out 5 reviews in The Times & The Guardian, album of the year spots in both of those papers and in Word Magazine and sell out tours of the UK & the USA he has somehow managed to remain below the radar for everyone except those who know him and love his music and writing. You can read all about this in his book 'I Choose This'.

Find out more about David on his website / on facebook or buy a ticket now!

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