Thursday, 12 September 2013

More Acts Announced!

Walk The Line Festival Would Like To Announce 3 New Acoustic Acts!

On Saturday the 5th of October we will be brining you 3 of the freshest acoustic acts around, and we would like to introduce you to them now..


The Coronetts are a fantastic acoustic duo from our very own Cheltenham! They bring a fresh spin on our most loved songs, making them completely their own.

Their repertoire is an eclectic collection of tunes, all dexterously hand picked from over eight decades of popular music and culture. Standards, classics, anthems and hits have all been lovingly re-arranged for guitar and vocals and dressed in the eccentric sound of the Coronettes - a mashed up musical kaleidoscope of bubblegum jazz and acoustic wizardry that will have you swaying your head, swinging your hips and singing along

Come along to the acoustic stage on Saturday the 5th to see this duo pack the venue full of toe taping individuals and delight! 

Mic D

our second act to get excited about is Mic D, you may know him also as the lead singer of KHS and The Going Goods! He has a wonderfully pure, soulful voice which will warm anybody's heart. 

Check out this video of his Palo Nutini cover to see exactly what we mean!

Ryan Francis Martin

Last but certainly not least on our fantastic acoustic line up is Ryan Francis Martin!

He is an acoustic folk singer/songwriter from Cheltenham who also played at  this years Wychwood Festival where he attracted the crowd! Watching Ryan sings really is something else, you can feel the emotion behind the songs he sings, definitely not an act to be missed!!!

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