Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ola Samba

Ola Samba provide high-energy Samba performances all over the UK. Samba is the music of Brazil and at the very heart of the Rio Carnival. It is fast, loud, and full of energy. All traditional Samba is accompanied by joyous song, but the percussion section is what really gives it its unique sound. In the UK, many have adopted the word 'samba' to cover a wider range of Brazilian music, all of which with a strong emphasis on percussion. Olá Samba teaches traditional samba alongside other Brazilian music such as Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Maculelê and Marcha, as well as rhythms from around the world such as Funk, Hip-Hop and Afrobeat. All of Olá Samba's workshops are run on authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, made in Brazil.

Amazing... I was blown away by the energy and enthusiasm of the performance! - Mikala, Tetbury

Cheltenham Samba really opened the event with a bang and got the pulse racing! - Demelsa, Cheltenham.

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