Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Broadcast 2000 performed at Walk The Line Festival 2009

Broadcast 2000 were one of the outstanding performers at Walk the Line Festival 2009. The band played at Cheltenham Town Hall and got in to the Halloween spirit, dressing up in costumes for their encore.

They are a British acoustic indie-folk band based in London, England, which centres around multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer Joe Steer.

The band combine cello, double bass, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel, banjo, percussion and layered vocals to create mini symphonies. The band's debut EP Building Blocks was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Steer in the bedroom of his London flat.

The song "Get Up And Go" was used in a television advertisement in the UK for the energy supplier E.ON. "Don't Weigh Me Down" was used in the opening scene of UK TV soap Hollyoaks and "Pep Talk" was used in a movie trailer for the 2008 film Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. "Run" also features on Apple's 2008 "MacBook Green" commercial and the song "Rouse Your Bones" is being used to back Christian Aid in it's 'Poverty Over' advertising campaign.

The band's debut album "Broadcast 2000" was recorded by Steer with additional production by Eliot James, who has previously worked with Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party. The record features violin by Noah and the Whale's Tom 'Fiddle' Hobden.

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