Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This Town Needs Guns performed at Walk The Line Festival 2009

This Town Needs Guns were one of the most popular bands to play at Walk the Line Festival 2009.

Formed in 2006 they are currently signed to the Big Scary Monsters Recording (UK), Sargent House (USA), Rallye (Japan) and Yellow Ghost Records (Australia).

Over the years the band’s musical style has progressed and changed, although the focal point of their style has been the impressive guitar work of Tim Collis interspersed with solid, and at points highly complex, drumming and sparse, melodic bass. Early releases however, featured more distorted chord progressions, as well as a strong focus on the interlinking melodies of both Collis and Smith’s guitars. More recently however, the band’s music has become more technical; making more use of asymetrical time signatures and complex accenting between guitar and drums, plus an abandonment of distortion and guitar effects, giving way to more complex melodies.



Review of This Town Needs Guns performance at Walk the Line Festival by Lotte Lawrence

I have heard this band being named dropped around for quite some time now so am very interested to hear what they actually sound like.

Immediately I am struck with their melodic beauty and quirky little handclaps; also their high – quality riff patterns with a shock of symbol smashing drumming.

However the vocals are nowhere near strong enough, they are meek, quiet and take away from the overall sound, as the lyrics are virtually inaudible; it’s a real shame.

Yet, I have to say that this could be a technical problem but I doubt it.

Their song structure is very impressive and quite unique, it’s like being told a story, as it is very progressive – I like it a lot. The percussion breaks flow really nicely and make you clap and sway along with them, really quite enchanting. Also the guitar layering is simply superb. As a comparison it’s a little like Incubus with a touch of Math Rockiness thrown in there.

However, none of their songs are particularly memorable, I am pretty sure it’s the lack of a strong vocal, without lyrics the songs feel a little empty and meaningless.

I was suitably impressed with this band, but not overly. I do like them, I want to like them as I can see the potential creeping out and I want to grab it pull it out of it’s box. It was just a little bit boring. They really need to establish some uniqueness, some individuality that runs through the whole sound and picks their flower from the wall.

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