Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tubelord performed at Walk The Line Festival 2009

Tubelord played at Walk the Line Festival 2009. With sweet vocal harmonies and riotous guitars, underground rockers Tubelord have been gaining momentum during the past couple of years and were very well received at the festival.

The band have sculpted a reputation for charismatic live performances and have wowed crowds up and down the country, building up a devoted fan base. The band have a keen following in Cheltenham and are sure to provide a excellent show. Tubelord are geek-chic at its greatest.

"Tightly coiled with enthusiasm, topped to the brim with talent and left to bounce excitedly about the room with more energy than most can only dream of" -

Review of Tubelords performance at Walk the Line festival 2009 by Lotte Lawrence

Damien the bassist managed to catch me at the bar, notebook in tow and came to the well observed conclusion that yes, in fact I was about to review his band. He gave me his contribution to the write up – “ Was ace. End.” Thanks Damien.

They begin with fast moving riffs and cool little beat patterns with American accented vocals. Their chords quickly change and progress, it’s an ever changing morphing sound. The overall approach to songs is quite unique, it’s like lots of little nuggets of musical goodness pressed together to form an unpredictable and delectable noise – vocal harmonies are pretty on the money too.

I really began to fall in love with this band second song in. It’s got this sweet and romantic sounding break down with a little touch of triangle that is really lovely. Then it suddenly crashes back into writhing anger-fuelled music with a mass of symbols and violent guitars.

Their plucky little guitar parts are oh so cool and catchy; they are the segments of a song that you always turn round to your mates and beep – bop along to.

Overall it’s an almost romantic sound quite teenage in a way, in a good way though. It’s not childish or simple by any means. It’s music that has a lot of feeling; you can really relate your emotions to it… feel something along with it.

However, I am never a fan of singing with an American accent when you’re not American. It’s annoying.

Their stage presence however, is really something to behold. With lots of jumping around the stage, clambering about and plenty of crowd interaction. It feels personal, oozes confidence and it’s exciting.

This is without a doubt, a must see live band. Or to quote Damien – “Was ace. End.”

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