Thursday, 27 August 2009

Talons performed at Walk The Line Festival 2009

Talons played at Walk the Line Festival 2009 at the Frog and Fiddle. They performed alongside Crazy Arm, Tubelord and This Town Needs Guns.

Talons are an instrumental band, who call the backwater town of Hereford their home. Forging the explosive energy of hardcore, the subtleties of post-rock and the fractured song structures and complexities associated with math-rock, Talons possess a fascinating sense of urgency and drive, with a sound that both soothes and savages in equal measure.

The band are best experienced in a live environment, where the visceral, raw energy of their music can be fully appreciated.

So far the band have had the pleasure of sharing stages with some great bands such as iForward Russia!, 65 Days of Static, Future of the Left, Rolo Tomassi, Grammatics, Johnny Foreigner, Frank Turner, Tubelord, and tons of shows with Pulled Apart By Horses.

Huw Stephens recently gave the band their first airing on Radio 1, playing 'The Tragic Decline of Buff Orpington' on his Wednesday night BBC Introducing show.

Review of Talons performance at Walk the Line Festival by Lotte Lawrence

This band was billed to be exactly my sort of music – instrumental post rock loveliness; and I am happy to say that the live up to my excitable expectations. It’s a wall of sound: violins, guitars and drums, which sound almost orchestral. With rhythmical clock ticking drumming and complex, clever layering. This band is very pleasing to the ear.

However, I think that their overall sound can sometimes lack emotion and that haunting eeriness which for me is an integral part of post rock. It is intelligent and well-played music that is need of a touch more spontaneity and unpredictability just to give it a little more edge.

One of my favourite elements of this bands layering is the way the violins are incorporated. The strings flow along with the melody of the song in the same way that a vocal would, it’s a really smart and unique way of using the instrument… I think it’s pretty cool. Also the drumming is truly excellent, which is very important for a band of this type. It’s like a military marching beat at some points and at others it’s crazed and passionate, really excellent.

As a live band these guys are intriguing to watch. I remember as they walked on stage I wondered when the instruments were going to stop coming! They are fervent, entrancing and are totally involved with what they are doing. It’s almost like walking into a private practice it - feels really personal.

I like this band, although for me there needs to some more raw emotion and more time put into their break downs to add a more poignant level to their music; but to be honest, I am nit picking… they are pretty great.

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