Saturday, 3 October 2009

Aspen Sails performed at Walk The Line Festival 2009

Aspen Sails played at Walk the Line Festival 2009 and were widely praised by everyone who caught their set.

Aspen Sails is the brainchild of Lincoln born folksters Bertie and Charlie. The music they make is a soaring wave of hook filled melody orchestrated through their intertwining vocals, and gently caressed guitars. They are a must see band for fans of Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Kings of Convenience and Iron and Wine.

Taking influence from old-school American emo such as American Football, Aspen Sails have transformed the sound into their own, filling it out with folk guitar sounds and narrative lyrics whilst substituting a full band sound for something overly intimate and overwhelming - an insight into two young men’s genius via the medium of beautiful 3 minute folk songs.

Since the formation of the band, Aspen Sails have taken in performances alongside the likes of Slow Club, First Aid Kit, Jay Jay Pistolet, Wild Beasts, and toured with Californian quartet Chief.

“Perfect harmonies, songs that will melt your heart, they’re simply brilliant” The Fly

"Aspen Sails are an incredible band, with songs that you'll be humming for weeks and harmonies that appear to have been separated at birth and then genetically merged again later in life" Two Thousand Trees Festival

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