Saturday, 3 October 2009

Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun at walk the line festival 2009

Surely one of the most promising bands in the UK, Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun have recently supported the likes of Frank Turner, Mumford and Sons, and Chris T-T as well as appearing at Two Thousand Trees and Wychwood Festivals.

"Fresh-faced Lockey's lyrics show more maturity than his years would suggest and after freely admitting that he's a big fan of Frank Turner, the lyrical comparison are easy to spot. Lockey, though, is far from a carbon copy with the influence of indie music shining through in his work. He's a great place to start if you're looking to crossover to listening to folk music and he should be one to look out for in 2009".

"The immediate simplicity of good song-writing alongside a wealth of inventiveness" God Is In The TV

Review of Jim's performance at Walk the Line Festival by Lotte Lawrence

This band is all it’s cracked up to be without a doubt. The whole room is alive with anticipation; it feels incredibly intimate and exciting. Jim’s beautiful, soulfully accented vocal coupled with ingenious folksy riffs is a joy to listen to. It’s eye wateringly beautiful and yet it’s subtle, it’s not brash at all, very unique indeed. Their lyrics are just perfect for the music, making the songs tangible and incredibly memorable.

The gig as an event is incredible too, there is such an unbelievable atmosphere, we’re all dancing with each other, feeling jovial and it’s fun… really fun. The band is just so pleasurable to watch and be apart of, it’s just music the way it should be – talented people coming together to experiment and share it in a non pretentious and accessible way, pure joy. With catchy and soulful tunes it’s pretty difficult not to love this band. As the last few songs are strummed and sung out Jim and co move into the crowd, the whole gig has just become something more; they are playing to you now not a crowd. Jim’s voice hardly differs and bassist Phil dons a recorder, which gives the sound a quirky and sweet edge, it’s pretty. With the crowd centred around the tambourines and handclaps, arms around each other and tapping feet I realize how much I love this.

Believe the hype, Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun are my new favourite live band. Fact.

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