Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dale Campbell playing Walk the Line Festival 2010

Dale is a solo acoustic guitarist and harp-guitarist from the UK. In 2009 he released "How The Light Gets In" his second album & first solo album which is available worldwide on itunes. An experienced teacher, Dale has made a popular video series based on his techniques, many of which are available as free video podcasts, and on Youtube.

His performances have ranged from intimate smaller venues, to sell out concerts playing alongside acts such as Hanson, Rumble Strips, Ordinary Boys, Amrit Sond, John Doan, Erik Mongrain and Richard O'Brien. He plays percussion, chords and melody simultaneously, in a unique style that must be seen to be believed - hands and fingers a blur, flying all over the guitar; drumming, tapping, slapping, strumming and plucking. His performances include arrangements of songs such as Billie Jean, She Drives Me Crazy and Zombie, alongside his own compositions.

Dale will be playing at Walk the Line festival on Saturday 2nd October.

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