Thursday, 9 September 2010

Edd Donovan playing at Walk the Line Festival 2010

An alternative folk singer songwriter with a big bag full of heart warming, belly tingling, soul touching songs. Unpretentious, heartfelt, honest tunes. A pure, pure voice, the gentlest guitar and enchanting intimate performances. Delightfully warm, country tinged, storytelling songs. Melodies that feel as if theyre as old as the hills with a voice as fresh as the first sniff of spring.

There are hints of Will Oldham, Wilco, Dylan, Damon Gough, Cat Stevens. This is how songs should be written. This is how songs should be sung. He sings with a warmth, a gentle knowing and a view of the world which is contagious. He performs with an engaging intimacy, its impossible not to be drawn in and taken on the journey. A journey through a forest filled with love and death and dreams and loss. A journey where, ultimately, everything will be all right.

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