Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Peppermint Hunting Lodge

Spacerock pioneers The Peppermint Hunting Lodge are a tempestuously spirited sextet hellbent on leaving their mark on the music scene. Gracing cities including London, Brighton, Sheffield, Manchester, Plymouth, Swansea, and Newport amongst others, they are well travelled and back home they have built a loyal Lodge fan base. They have already graced the stage with the likes of Funeral Party, Pulled Apart by Horses, The Automatic and The Rifles, to name a few, and have left a lasting impression wherever they have performed with their relentless in-your-face energy and their impressive arsenal of catchy totemic tunes.

Their most recent recording - Kill a Tiger or Die Trying - showcases the band’s natural dynamism along with their ability to carve a hook-laden song in amongst varying time signatures. It won’t be too long before they are snapped up by a manager/label, it’s just a case of who gets to them first.

BBC Gloucestershire - "The high octane atmosphere in the songs is highly charged: a riot of sound from beginning to end that will get any indie dance floor pumping."

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