Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Saturday Acoustic Stage Acts Confirmed.

We are delighted to confirm our acoustic stage line-up for Saturday the 5th October at the Swan!

Dan Browne is a live musician based in Gloucestershire. Having grown up in a musically gifted family, Dan often got the opportunity to explore his talents in guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums since just about everyone played a different instrument. Rhythmically able, Dan initially focussed his attention on drums and bass guitar, but a few years ago after his older brother picked up guitar tutoring and used Dan as a practice dummy, Dan picked up rhythm and lead guitar and hasn't looked back since!

Choosing a life of busking, Dan performs regularly on the streets of local (and not so local) towns and cities, most frequently he will perform on Cheltenham's promenade and the High Street of Tewkesbury. 

Emi McDade is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Gloucesters, who has sung for as long as she can remember. Since April 2013, Emi has been finiding her feet as an artist and exploring the large world of music, also working on her debut EP, which should be released fairly soon!

Several months after beginning to promote herself in spring time 2013, Emi was lucky enough to have performed on stages such as BBC Introducing, Sportbeat Festival, Tall Ships Festival, Brockfest, 'Our Big Gig' and many more.

We are pleased to announce our headliners for Saturday will be Kitten and Bear, with support from Coronettes, Mic D, Ryan Francis Martin, Dan Browne, Cat Population and Lucy Barman.

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