Wednesday, 20 August 2014

KSH and the Going Goods

The world of hip hop is a desolate one... With gangsters, players, pimps and g-thangs dominating the scene, the beauty of the genre is being lost. Thats where KSH and The Going Goods step in.

An alternative acoustic band from across the country, coming straight out of the “ghettos” of Cheltenham. KSHnTGG are a five man troupe consisting of string-men Jack Carroll and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, vocalists Mikey Doherty and Kishi Allebone, rounded off with a unique drum machine, Beatboxer Kush Cushion.

A fresh a lively feel filled with laughter and banter, this new band is already taking the scene by storm.

KSH & The Going Goods can be considered as the festivals curveball, an acoustic band with a fresh twist. Imagine a mix between Plan B, The Streets and Ed Sheeran. These gents brought the funk, the groove and most importantly the good times!”
(Waitt Unsigned at Wychwood festival)

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