Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Thrill Collins

Thrill Collins is probably the most successful covers band that you’ve never heard of - let’s just say they have a habit of rearranging some of the most epic pop songs of all time, with surprising results.
The band have toured endlessly around the UK, US, Europe and Scandinavia, playing over 500 shows in the last three years. In 2013 they spent yet another summer on the festival circuit taking in Glastonbury, Truck, 2000 Trees, Y-Not, Wychwood, countless jazz and folk festivals as well as two small European tours.
Thrill Collins has recently released their new EP “Our Souls” - a collection of band favourites produced by the legendary George Shilling (James Brown, Blur, Oasis, Frank Turner). This year shows no signs of letting up for the acoustic trio with an almost continuous run of gigs in the calendar ruining the possibility of holiday for anyone in the band.
I love your sound” – Dave Benson Phillips

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